B2B & B2C Lead Generation

B2B & B2C Lead Generation

Get leads to contact customers and make sales!

About us

You have a business now, where do you find customers?

With our services, we help companies to find the right customers. All you have to do is tell us about your product and industry. Our Big Data experts will analyze large databases of people, learn from the data, and find potential customers for you! We can also do market research to help you narrow down and get good-quality leads that convert!

B2B Contact Acquisition

B2B Contact (Prospects) Acquisition is searching for business prospects and gathering their contact details. You may even have to filter it by geographic location, category, specialty area, or company size. We do it for you and provide you with a database ready for your telemarketing or email marketing campaign.

B2B Appointment Setting

Business Appointment Setting is the next process after contact acquisition. This is where you would need to contact the prospects and set up an appointment for a salesperson to see them and close sales. Our representatives can handle this process and keep you updated on the sales status! We can also deploy a team of telemarketers for you who will call the prospects and schedule appointments with the prospects.

B2B Sales Lead Generation

B2B Sales Lead Generation is a process of filtering prospects and identifying those who are interested to learn more about your business or your product. Once again, our team will check the status of every lead and help you identify the specific customers to sell to.

B2B Lead Qualification

B2B Lead Qualification is the next process after lead generation. Lead qualification is the process of finding out if the prospect is qualified. After this process, you can directly have your salesperson handle the negotiation and delivery.

B2C Telesales Lead Generation

B2C Telesales Lead Generation is the process of identifying prospects and getting them interested in your product. We can help you through this process through our extensive contacts databases and set up a telemarketing team to call and find interested leads for you.

B2C Email Lead Generation

B2C Email Lead Generation involves reaching out to prospects via emails and getting them interested in your product. We can help you build an email list of interested customers and then sell them the product through a carefully crafted sales funnel tailored to your business.

Generate Qualified Leads With the Right Experts

 Our lead generation experts are just a call away to help you lay down your roadmap to success!

Frequently asked questions

B2B leads are targeted toward businesses, while B2C leads are targeted toward your end customers, who are individuals.

We will obtain and give qualified leads to grow your business. These leads can be:

  • Real leads at all stages of the sales funnel
  • Senior Management Contact Information
  • Easily accessible
  • Focused on your location, preferences, etc.
  • Ready to integrate into your CRM

Our team of researchers generates our lists. Each offer goes through a strict quality control process.

After purchasing a list, you will receive a sample of contacts from the list. You can verify that the contacts you receive are correct and relevant. If you find any errors or would like a different list, you can contact us immediately, and we can give you a list that works for you.